The last Docs on Wheels stop for this summer is Xanthi, one of your favourite destinations up north. Previously visited in 2016, the scope of this year’s event is wider, as we’ll be screening two documentaries at FEX and running a 2-day workshop at Veria TechLab, a space dedicated to innovation and creativity.

The documentaries scheduled over the weekend are two prime examples of non-fiction filmmaking produced in the last couple of years in the US, “Salam Neighbour” by Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple and “Song of Lahore” by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Andy Schocken. Meanwhile, “Smartphone & Smart Stories”, an audiovisual workshop aimed at documenting personal narratives, will be in full swing 11am-2pm over at Veria TechLab. This 2-day audiovisual experiment is a fantastic introduction to filmmaking, as each participant will get to shoot and script a small segment of an anthology documentary dedicated to first-person storytelling.

The event is organised by Exile Room with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens and the American Film Showcase.


28/7/2018 – 20:00 @ The Folk and History Museum of Xanthi
Song of Lahore

What happens when a Pakistani orchestra becomes an overnight YouTube sensation? A delightful and undeniably intoxicating travelogue about the power of music and everything that unites and divides East and West!  MORE INFO ->

29/7/2018 – 20:00 @ The Folk and History Museum of Xanthi
Salam Neighbour

Part of a larger campaign to raise awareness on the burning issue of immigration, “Salam Neighbor” isn’t just a beautifully crafted story. It’s one of the most important documentations of displacement ever made, directly inspiring people to take action. MORE INFO ->

13+14/7/2018 – 11:00 @ Xanthi TechLab
Documentary & Animation Workshop: SMARTPHONE BIOGRAPHIES  

Armed with a smartphone and an old photograph, we’ll build short autobiographies that speak through imagery in a collective documentary. Director Giannis Misouridis will encourage participants to sum up their past and present in short visual stories that will paint a bigger picture. MORE INFO ->