17&18/3 at 12pm 
Instructor: Christina Pitouli
With the help of filmmaker, editor and sound recordist, Christina Pitouli, local children between the ages of 14 and 17 will create a time capsule of everything they consider precious about their childhood on the island, using documentary filmmaking as their main tool. Forget about the typical imagery you usually associate with the Aegean islands. Born and raised on Schoinoussa, the participants will deliver their own interpretation of this small oasis, which remains vibrant despite its geographic isolation from the rest of the country. Led by the instructor, they will collect the experiences, habits, people and places that have marked their lives on the island, so far. Seen through their own point of view, these memories will be translated into imagery and then turned into a time-capsule documentary that will become a precious memento from their future adult selves. Welcome to the non-touristy side of the Aegean!