We organized 5 screenings of “Bully” by Lee Hirsch at 5 different schools around the Greek island of Kos between March 30th and April 3rd 2015, promoted as an educational anti-bullying event in collaboration with the Ippokratis Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Center and the Kos Film Association. Local psychologists did a significant amount of prep to coordinate a program specifically aimed at high school students.

The kids honed their art skills on their own version of the Bully poster and hang them up around their schools. After each screenings, students were split up in groups of 8 and took on different characters in the film, analyzed their reactions, broke down the issues at hand and proposed solutions. Kudos to the teachers for their involvement and all the students for acknowledging that bullying is an ever-present problem that takes on different forms, and is not just something they see on TV.