Docs on Wheels is a travelling documentary showcase that has been touring overlooked Athenian neighbourhoods, regional areas and culture-starved islands since November 2013, in collaboration with local government agencies and cultural associations, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Docu-centric NGO Exile Room designed this itinerant film program with social issues in mind, combining the audiovisual experience with a series of presentations.


Our mission is to bring unexpected films to unexpected places, offering insight on a variety of subjects, including discrimination, drug rehabilitation, bullying, AIDS, environmentalism, immigration and underprivileged children. So far, Docs on Wheels has made stops in more than 15 destinations all over Greece, counting more than 35 screenings in total, from Nikaia (Athens) all the way to Vovousa (Mt Pindus). Starting in early 2017, Docs on Wheels will reinforce its presence with documentary workshops featuring local filmmakers in combination with our regular movie screenings. Feel free to contact us and request a screening/workshop in your village, island or town. We’ll find you, no matter where you are!