Docs on Wheels travelled to Schoinousa, a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea, on a windy weekend in March to teach the locals everything they know about documentary.

Under the guidance of filmmaker and sound recordist Christina Pitouli, local kids were introduced to the magic of documentary and even produced, directed and starred in their own short based on their take on the island of Schoinoussa and its residents. The kids that singed up for this exciting weekend activity ranged between the ages of 4 and 17, yet somehow managed to make magic happen!

Participants explored the role of director, scriptwriter, cameraperson, sound recordist, interviewer and featured character. They learned how to make tough decisions, man audiovisual equipment, call on their creative side and work together harmoniously and efficiently, despite the age difference. Each kid was assigned an interview with another member of the team, as well as a local resident of their own choosing. Under the watchful eye of the instructor and her assistants (it was an all-girl team!), they visited and filmed some of their favorite spots, talked about how they experience life on the island and shot some of their usual activities.

It was hugely gratifying to see how each and every kid held their own and seemed to take immense pleasure in the filmmaking process, despite the fact that a lot of them were very young and their familiarity with audiovisual equipment – and documentary in general – was almost non-existent. The short documentary that came out of this windswept weekend will premiere at the local Cultural Center in May and then debut on our website and social media, so hold on to your hats for updates on the editing process!


Fjorabla Kokka