Shortly before August, Docs on Wheels travelled to Xanthi for a documentary workshop and two screenings. Participants explored various narrative styles alongside instructor Giannis Misouridis during the “Smart Stories with Smartphones” workshop, a highly creative foray into personal storytelling. Using a small treasure as a springboard – something they attached meaning to – the participants created one minute documentaries that revealed a part of who they were. Whether teenagers or grown-ups, they drew inspiration from an artwork, a dance piece or a set of their kids’ drawings, to assemble a series of images, paired with personal narrations and a soundtrack they composed on the spot, with a little help from the instructor.

The workshop managed to set every single person’s imagination on fire, while creating a safe place for self-expression. Giannis Misouridis was there to support them every step of the way, providing all the necessary tools – whether technical or theoretical – for their ideas to flourish. Thanks to the turbulent weather that kept attendance to a manageable number, everyone who attended had the chance to go through every stage of the production process, from conceptualizing to actually putting their idea on the screen, as well as editing and scoring their own footage.

The workshop was complemented by two screenings, “Song of Lahore” and “Salam Neighbour”, that fit in perfectly with the city’s multicultural appeal, a melting pot of Eastern and Western influences.